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Relpol S.A. is the expert manufacturer of electromagnetic
relays and relay sockets. There are four basic lines of Relpol’
s products: - Plug-in power relay, used in a wide range of
industrial applications. - PCB power relays, used as power
components in countless electronic devices. - Automotive
relays, for electric circuits control in cars
(i.e. lamps, central locking, alarms, heating, wipers,
indicators, etc.) - Relay sockets, for simple connection of
relays. To further enhance Relpol's product offering, a
number of complimentary ranges of branded equipment has
been added: - contactors and thermal relays, - time relays, -
control relays, - motor protection circuit breakers, - lighting
and overvoltage protection devices, - interface relay modules,
- softstarters, - power factor correction systems, - push-
buttons and switches.
Electromechanical Relays
Plug-in sockets for relays
Interface relays
Contactors and thermal
overload relays
Time and monitoring relays
NEED programmable
Solid state relays
Switches and rotary