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GRP Enclosures
Polyester Reinforced with Fiber
Glass Enclosures IP-659

  •  Degree of protection : IP-659
  •  Double insulation
  •  Self-extinguishing
  •  High mechanical resistance against impact
  •  Suitable for electrical equipment in corrosive environment
  •  Opening door 180 degree
  •  Standard lock : double bar
Moulded Polyester
Enclosures IP-55
  •  Manufactured in polyester reinforced with fiber glass
  •  Degree of protection : IP-55
  •  Colour un weathered light grey (Ral-7035)
  •  Self-extinguishing materials L high resistant against temperature (until 150degreeC)
  •  High resistance against impact
  •  Excellent resistant against corrosive ambient
  •  Triple locking system with aluminium bars
  •  Modular design : easy high, lateral or rear coupling
  •  Allowed fixing wall, over floor or over bases supporting
  •  Metallic or insulated (polyester) base plate